The Mission of 'The Call-In Church' is to facilitate people


networking together in unity through a Conference Line


so that the gospel may go out worldwide to all people


and nations reflecting the power and demonstration of





The Call-In Church hopes to reach each and every soul who God inspires to pick up the phone and dial in!  We hope to reach those precious souls which may have been left behind or who's lives have been unchanged by traditional evangelism.


During this end time push of the Spirit of God, we are to rescue as many as possible from the grasp of the adversary, and we hope that our platform can be used to assist in bringing people together to make that positive change needed to impact lives.


We are not interested in lifting up a person, but are more interested in collectively lifting up the Living Christ, in hopes that he will cleanse us and present us to himself and God The Father without spot or blemish.    (Ephesians 5:27)

Hosts vision: "To provide an outreach ministry to reach anyone with a phone that wants to be ministered to. To one day be 24/7 radio broadcast on the SiriusXM with live and recorded services and music in between funded largely by listeners and very limited advertising"