JERRY HULSE,  the founder of 'The Call-In Church' is an apostolic and miracle worker for the kingdom of God.  Jerry has founded many Ministries and Churches, some of which include Guardian Angel Ministries, Full Gospel Baptist and AssociationThe Call-In Church (, and Withered Hand Ministries (  Jerry has also hosted numerous Gospel Radio Shows including: "Two More for Jesus", Johnston City, TN;  "Live with Guardian Angel", Church Hill, TN;  Jerry also was featured on radio in Rural Retreat Virginia, Tazewell Virginia, Big Stone Virginia, and other stations nationally.


Jerry, being a truck driver himself, has had a powerful impact in the trucker community and abroad. The CB handle that Jerry uses is 'Guardian Angel' and while Jerry travels the road, he is being used of God to perform miracles and lives have been positively affected by the demonstration of the power of God being shown through Jerry.  The non-traditional aspect of Jerry's ministry allows him

to go into places and retrieve those, who otherwise may be out of reach of other ministries.  In this end-time push of the spirit, God is using his warriors, such as Jerry Hulse to impact the world and make change.